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Monday, December 8, 2014

What Qualifies for One of Our Search Tips

Generally speaking, our "search tips" are either a database search technique (trick) that I've forgotten about or recently found helpful or a neat/interesting database or website that I've just come across. The websites may be "new" or ones that have been around a while.

The only rhyme or reason to how something gets listed is if it's something I've recently used. That's enough of an agenda (grin!).

93 Issues of Casefile Clues for $25

I'm offering 93 issues of Casefile Clues for $25.

Casefile Clues contains analysis, interpretation and how-to advice based on original documents and families I've encountered in my own research. Clearly written, organized, down-to-earth, and practical, it contains deeper analysis of items that run through this blog.

To view the list of issue titles and topics from Volume 3, visit this page.

Give yourself a genealogy gift this holiday season: 93 issues of Casefile Clues for $25. The first 41 issues will be in your inbox within a day or so of your order.

Casefile Clues is sent as a PDF file.

You can learn more about Casefile Clues  here.

Prisoner of War Databases at the National Archives

The US National Archives has a variety of databases of individuals who were prisoners of war during several 20th century US military operations.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

US Army and Navy Pension Laws: 1776-1854

Need to know something about various US military pension, bounty land, and other benefit laws before 1845? The book, Army and Navy Pension Laws, and Bounty Land Laws of the United States: Including Sundry Resolutions of Congress, from 1776 to 1854: Executed at the Department of the Interior : with an Appendix, Containing the Opinions of Attorneys General of the United States, with the Decisions, Rules, and Regulations, Adopted by Different Secretaries, Relative to the Execution of Those Laws, may help.

This book can be viewed in digital format here on GoogleBooks.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

History Behind the Cable Act of 1922

There is an interesting discussion here ("Cable Act [1922]
Congress Establishes Independent Citizenship for Married Women") of the history behind the 1922 Cable Act which separated the citizenship of a woman from that of her husband.